Association for Regional Social and Economic Development

Scope of work

The activity of the Association covers the following scope:

•    Supporting regional development, local healthcare and education
•    Encouraging the development of the local economy, small and medium-sized enterprises
•    Supporting societal processes, social inclusion and development of the labour market
•    Developing young people and groups that are in the process of social exclusion for their integration in the socio-economic environment
•    Encouraging the development of creative industries
•    Supporting technology development, technology transfer and innovation
•    Developing business incubation, industrial zones, technology parks and thematic clusters
•    Protecting human rights and the rights of children and youths
•    Strengthening confidence between generations and genders
•    Promoting social start-ups and supporting activities of social character
•    Incorporating the intellectual, economic and professional potential of the country in search of new opportunities to promote regional social and economic activities
•    Assisting state institutions
•    Interacting closely with national and international organizations and professionals with similar objectives
•    Maintaining links and cooperation with similar organizations in the country and abroad

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