Association for Regional Social and Economic Development

Who we are

Association for Regional Social and Economic Development is a privately owned non-governmental organization established in mid-2014. The Association works on a partnership basis with a network of over 20 organizations at local and national level.


•    To support the sustainable regional social and economic development

Subject of activity:

•   Organisation of meetings, seminars, consultations, trainings, internships, charity events, donor campaigns, cooperation with state institutions and NGOs in Bulgaria and abroad
•    Preparation and participation in national and international programmes and projects with European and other donor‘s funding
•    Organisation and participation in local, national and international fora and discussions
•    Organisation of events, trainings and implementation of educational and information programmes

Areas of functional expertise:

•    Rendering of technical assistance and capacity building to public institutions
•    Project Cycle Management – development and management of projects funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds
•    Elaboration of (pre-)feasibility studies
•    Institutional development
•    Regional and economic development
•    Realisation of social initiatives
•    Delivery of trainings – thematic and functional
•    Carrying out marketing researches
•    Development of sectoral analyzes
•    Entrepreneurship development
•    Transfer of knowledge and technology

The means, by which the Association achieves its objectives, are:

•   Promotion and engagement with businesses and non-profit organizations to implement joint initiatives
•    Preparation of publications in the media, such as articles, reports, interviews, etc.
•    Publishing of brochures, magazines, books, newsletters and other printed works, videos and audio materials, management and maintenance of websites
•    Performing research, surveys and analyzes, assessments, drafting of opinions and exchange of information
•    Conducting an information campaign in the mass media in the country and abroad
•    Preparation of expert’s reports, programmes, forecasts and proposals for the central and local government bodies

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