Association for Regional Social and Economic Development

For business clients

The services we offer to business clients include the following:

1. Pre-feasibility studies:

•    Collection of primary information
•    Processing of secondary information
•    Evaluation of the information and development of sector studies and market analyses

2. Organisational development:

•    Analysis and optimisation of work processes
•    Development of strategic documents, incl. business plans and marketing strategies
•    Delivery of trainings – thematic and functional

3. Realisation of corporate social initiatives:

•    Corporate social responsibility
•    Corporate social innovations
•    Impact investments

4. Transfer of knowledge and technologies:

•    Elaboration of technology audits
•    Identification of innovative ideas that can be introduced into the market
•    Assistance in establishing contacts with R&D organizations for the joint development of innovations

5. Preparation and management of donor-funded projects:

•    Under the national operational programmes and under the Rural Areas Development Programme
•    Under grant schemes funded by the European Structural and Investment funds at EU level
•    Under grant schemes funded by third countries outside the EU

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Additional services we offer to business clients in cooperation with external partners we work with:

•    Property audit and optimization of real estate management
•    Development and deployment of IT systems
•    Reengineering and optimization of business processes
•    Investment management (corporate finance, strategic business consulting, mergers and acquisitions)
•    Training of staff, middle-level and senior managers of enterprises and institutions
•    Risk management and prevention of corporate frauds
•    Finding non-standard solutions to business challenges

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