Association for Regional Social and Economic Development

Our Team

The team of Association for Regional Social and Economic Development comprises experts with over 30 years of experience in the following fields:
•    Strategic planning
•    Management of projects with private and donor funding
•    Foreign direct investments
•    Regional development
•    Development of small and medium-sized enterprises
•    Encouragement of entrepreneurship
•    Development of training programmes and delivery of trainings
•    Technology transfer and market introduction of innovations

Sector expertise:
•    Management of public organisations and businesses
•    Management of non-government organisations
•    Healthcare
•    Chemical industry
•    Utilities
•    Consumer goods
•    Tourism
•    Finance
•    Research and development

In addition to its main team of experts, the Association works with a wide range of external consultants covering the following areas of activity:
•    Property audit and optimization of real estate management
•    Development and deployment of IT systems
•    Reengineering and optimisation of business processes
•    Investment management (corporate finance, strategic business consulting, mergers and acquisitions)
•    Training of staff, middle-level and senior managers of enterprises and institutions
•    Risk management and prevention of corporate frauds
•    Finding non-standard solutions to business challenges

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